European Summary - August 03, 2015
Hot across Europe on Monday
Thunderstorms developing Spain & France

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 3rd August 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Thundery rain spreading to southern Scandinavia

Many areas dry and increasingly hot across Europe. Hot and dry for Portugal. Spain will climb toward 40C again in the south. Increasing risk of thunderstorms over northern Spain and the Pyrenees later in the day. Hot for Italy and Greece, with scattered thunderstorms breaking out inland by afternoon. Hot too in Turkey. Highs reaching 33 to 37C across France, where it will be dry and sunny. Thunderstorms are expected to break out across south-west France by Monday night, affecting many central and southern regions of France overnight into Tuesday. Highs nearer 28 to 31C for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, also dry. Scattered showers in Switzerland & Austria. Dry weather extends to Poland and most of Scandinavia. A few showers in the far north.

Thundery rain will advance across eastern France, Belgium and the Netherlands early on Monday as a cold front moves eastwards. Heavy falls of rain extend to western Germany and into Denmark and southern Norway through the day, later spreading into Sweden. A cooler and fresher day for France, with sunshine breaking through widely. Highs of 25C in Paris. Hot and dry for Spain and Portugal, again into the upper 30s Celsius. Thundery showers for the Alpine region. Hot with scattered thunderstorms for Italy and Greece. Hot and humid for eastern Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Staying dry until late in the day, then risk of thundery showers spreading from west. Dry and very warm in Finland and the Baltic states.

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