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Europe forecast - August 19, 2017
Hot south & east
Fresher north-west

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 19th August 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Thunderstorms central-eastern Europe; unsettled Scandinavia

Hot and sunny for the south & far east of Europe, whilst central and north-western areas are much cooler with rain or showers. Fair weather across the Mediterranean, with a Mistral wind for southern France. Temperatures topping 40C in south-west Spain and Portugal, and widely 30 to 35C across southern Europe. Nearer 37C in parts of Hungary and the Balkans. A zone of thundery rain extends across Poland, the Czech Republic and the Alps, with storms also breaking out increasingly, and spreading north into the Baltic states. Ahead of the storms, it will be very warm and humid across eastern Europe, topping 30C, whereas behind this frontal zone, it will be nearer 20C for Germany. A showery day with a brisk breeze for the Low Countries and southern Scandinavia. Thundery rain moves north across Sweden from the early hours, pivoting into northern Norway through the day. Further pulses of rain affect south-west Norway.

High pressure toward the south & west opf Europe, and low pressure over Scandinavia. Another hot and dry day for southern Europe. Up to 40C again in south-west Spain and Portugal. Dry weather extends across France and the western Alps, plus much of the Mediterranean. Also dry for the Aegean Sea and areas surrounding the Black Sea. Mainland Greece and southern Italy may see isolated afternoon showers. A zone of thundery rain for the central Balkans, Hungary and Slovakia, extending north into eastern Poland and the Baltic states. A fresh westerly wind for southern Scandinavia, with widespread heavy showers across Norway and Sweden. Largely dry for Finland. A bright day for the Low Countries. Showery for northern Germany, but drier toward the south.