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Local Time Tu Jan 27 We Jan 28 Th Jan 29 Fr Jan 30
a.m. NW 2-3 W 5-6
(Gusts 70 km/h)
NW 6
(Gusts 80 km/h)
NW 5
(Gusts 70 km/h)
p.m. W 3 W 5
(Gusts 60 km/h)
NW 6
(Gusts 80 km/h)
NW 4-5
evening SW 3-4 W 5
(Gusts 70 km/h)
NW 6
(Gusts 90 km/h)
NW 4
(Gusts 60 km/h)
Last updated Tue 27 Jan 05:57 EST

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