UK Forecast - January 27, 2023
Chilly starts
Largely dry

A chilly and frosty start for many again, particularly in the south, with places seeing mist and fog for a time, some stubborn to lift through the day. As a weak front moves south expect it to cloud over for a time with some places seeing patchy rain. Otherwise a dry day with developing sunny spells. A cool feeling day where the fog lingers, highs at 5 to 8C.

Saturday Night
Overnight, some mist and fog patches developing again in places though just generally more cloud cover is expected across the country keeping the majority above freezing. Largely dry though some patchy rain across Wales and central into southern England. Lows at 0 to 3C.

A cool start on Sunday but temperatures recover well through the day. Breezier for all and windy in the north where there will be more cloud and outbreaks of rain, heavy with some snow expected over the higher ground across western Scotland. Otherwise, a largely dry day, though blustery showers are expected across western coasts and hills. Chilly feeling in the wind though highs will be around 5 to 8C.

Some showers in north and east Scotland where there is a brisk wind for a time. Drier for other areas with some bright or sunny spells, although always the threat of a shower on western coasts. Cloud building with the risk of rain moving in to the far northwest of Scotland later. Highs at 6 to 9C.

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