Armenia is often described as a sunny country. The climate is highland continental, dry with four seasons. Temperatures can vary considerably between seasons. The summer is generally pleasant reaching 25°C, though in the Ararat valley temperatures can climb to 40°C.

Winters can be quite cold with temperatures falling to -5°C in Yerevan, and colder in the Ararat Valley (-30°C) and the Lake Arpi area (-46°C). Annual precipitation for the country as a whole average is 550 mm.

Required clothing:
Lightweight cotton clothing with rainwair for sudden cloudbursts is advised for the summer, while medium- to heavyweight clothing is neccesary for the winter. be prepared for extreme low temperatures in the Ararat valley and near Lake Arpi.

Koeppen-Geiger classification:
The climate of armenia can be classified as Dfb climate; a humid snow climate with the warmest month between 10°C and 22°C and the coldest month below -3°C.