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UK Forecast - December 31, 2017
Unsettled start to 2018
Wet & windy; snow on hills

New Year's Day
Rain will affect southern coastal counties of England as a storm system moves across France. Possible gales for English Channel coasts. Largely dry and bright in central east & the north-eastern areas, with spells of sunsine. Showery for north-western Britain and Ireland, possible hail, or snow over the mountains. Winds strengthening to gale force around the Irish Sea. Highs 5 to 9C, mildest south.

Monday night
Shower around coasts in the west should fade during the evening as pressure briefly builds from the west. Skies clearing for many, although cloud will thicken through the night from the west as further fronts approach. Rain spreads into Ireland and the far south-west of Britain later in the night. Brisk westerly winds for central areas, but easing for a time. A touch of frost in sheltered areas. Lows 1 to 4C, but sub-zero in Scottish glens.

Fronts moving in from the Atlantic bring rain to most places through the day, heaviest in the west & north-west, with a risk of snow over the hills. Briefly dry in the east early morning. Rain should fade in the south-west, but it stays drizzly and damp then further heavy rain arrives later. A brisk south to southwesterly wind. Highs 5 to 8C north & east, but reaching 10 to 12C south & south-west.

Strong westerly winds across the country. A risk of gales early in the day for southern coasts. Rain at times, locally prolonged in the west & south-west. Clusters of showers toward the north-west, with snow over the mountains. Possible hail and thunder. Brightest skies toward the east & north-east - glimpses of sunshine. Highs 5 to 9C, but feeling colder in the wind.